Overcoming Adversity: Sumi Rani Sheel's Journey from Fistula Suffering to Hope and Happiness
05 Oct 2023

Fistula patient Sumi Rani Sheel, aged 28, hails from Vrindavan tea garden in the Bahubal Upazila of Habiganj District. Sumi and her husband, Sanju Sheel, both work as tea laborers. They have a family of five, including a 6-year-old child. Theirs is a financially challenging household. Sumi married at the age of 17, and a year into their marriage, she gave birth to their first child at home. When Sumi became pregnant for the second time, they opted for a home birth again, as the first had been uncomplicated. It was during this second childbirth that their lives took a drastic turn.

I felt severe pain, and after trying to endure it at home for a day, they took me to Bahubal UHC. From there, I was referred to Habiganj District Sadar Hospital. Tragically, my second child was stillborn. I stayed in the hospital for two days and, upon returning home, noticed that my continuously leaking urine. - Sumi shared her experience

She sought medical attention, and the doctor diagnosed her with a fistula infection, stating that surgery was the only solution. Sumi was devastated; her baby had passed away, and she was dealing with this distressing condition. The financial burden of the surgery added to her worries, as they lacked the means to afford it.

Sumi endured five years of suffering until she discovered CIPRB in November 2021. With emotional support and the assurance that there was a cure for her condition, she felt a glimmer of hope. She was relieved to learn that the treatment was provided free of charge. In April 2022, she was referred to MAMS for treatment and returned home after a month of care.

To help support her family financially, Sumi received a goat from CIPRB on March 10, 2023, through Bimal Chandra Das, Assistant Manager of Vrindavan Tea Gardens. This gesture brought stability to her family, and they were grateful for the support. Sumi, her husband, and their family now lead a happier life.

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