Centre for Burn Prevention and  Research

Centre for Burn Prevention and Research

Burns are a major public health problem in Bangladesh. More than 365,000 people are affected by burns every year due to electrical, thermal and other causes.

48% are children aged 1-4, thus it constitutes the third leading causes of illness among children in this age group. It is estimated that each year burns cause the deaths of over 5,600 persons; 4,000 burn victims become permanently disabled and nearly 27,000 need hospitalization.


Risk factors for burn;

  • Young children are the most vulnerable group
  • Rural children are more than four times at risk to suffer from burns compared to urban children
  • Homes are the most common place for a burn
  • The cooking area is the most hazardous area of the home
  • KupiBati (an open fire kerosene lamp) is responsible for 10% of the total flame burns
  • 46% of childhood burns take place during breakfast to lunch time

Objectives of the Centre;

  • Conducting research in order to improve burn prevention, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Conducting training on burn management and research
  • Conducting advocacy and communication in order to improve burn management nationally and globally


Emergency Management of Severe Burn (EMSB)

EMSB is an international course on burn management. It is a copyright course of Australia & New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA). Along with Bangladesh the course is delivered in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and many other countries.

With the help of Australia & New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA), CIPRB and other distinguished burn professionals are conducting the course in Bangladesh. Interplast Australia & New Zealand is giving financial support for conducting the course in Bangladesh.

Since 2008 we have trained more than 450 surgeons, plastic surgeons and the physicians, who are managing burns in Bangladesh and among them, 41 have been trained as instructors. Along with Bangladeshi physician and surgeon, we have trained 5 surgeons and plastic surgeons from Nepal.

EMSB is a skill based structured day long course. Every year we organize 5-6 courses in two sessions. Summer sessions are during May/June and winter sessions during November/December.

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