A Successful Story of End Fistula Project in
09 Jul 2024

A Successful Story of End Fistula Project in Habiganj district

From Depression to Joy: Tamanna Begum’s Journey of Dream and Recovery from fistula

Tamanna (24 years old) lives in a village called Sarangbazar in Debpara Union of Nabiganj Upazila, Habiganj District. The people in this union are not very educated; the light of education has not reached them. Most are farmers, and Tamanna's husband is one of them. He spends his life farming other people's land, owning only their house.

From the time she got pregnant for first time (at 23 years of age), Tamanna had to do a lot of physical work. Coming from a poor family, there was no way to avoid it. If she didn't work, where would the food come from? Due to a lack of resources, it was not possible to visit doctors regularly. When she went into labor, an unskilled midwife attempted to assist her at home. After a whole day of efforts without improvement, she was taken to the Family Welfare Center (FWC) for delivery via a Family Welfare Visitor (FWV). However, by then, the prolonged labor at home had already taken a toll on both the mother and the child. After the delivery, the FWV informed Tamanna that the baby was not alive. Following a normal delivery, Tamanna found herself with a dead baby. Immediately after the delivery, Tamanna’s eyes and face were dark with sorrow. It was her first child.

"After I developed this urinary leakage disease, no one came to talk to me. I couldn't go to anyone. My husband didn't like me anymore. He wanted to leave me. It's been six months. I am suffering from this disease. My in-laws told me I shouldn't have married. I am so helpless. I never imagined that having a dead child would leave me like this. I have no one." - Tamanna expressed her pain in a tearful voice

Tamanna learned from another patient who had recovered that free treatment for urinary leakage was available. She contacted and came to the fistula corner at Sadar Hospital, where the gynecologist diagnosed her with obstetric fistula. She agreed to go to Dhaka for treatment. Identified on 07 April 24, she was referred to Mams Hospital in Dhaka on 15 April 24. Tamanna was operated on at Mams on 12 May 24. After the operation, she was kept under observation in the hospital for 17 days. Then on 29 May 24, she was sent home after complete recovery.

"I couldn't interact with anyone for six months; no one looked at me kindly. People often commented about me. Some even said I smelled of urine. No one would let me stand near them. I felt my life was over. I couldn't even eat properly. At times, I thought of ending my life. Everyone just hated me. After the treatment, I have changed a lot. Those who hated me now come to see me and talk to me. Those who used to ignore me now come to see me. Everyone talks kindly and wants to know how I got better. I have a new life. God will bless you all." - Tamanna shared her experience

A male UP member of the area said that Tamanna suffered for six months. Her husband wanted to divorce her and marry again. We tried to convince her husband to stay with her. We are happy she is getting well, and her husband is very happy too. Now, I hope she will be able to rebuild her life.

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