Dr. Md Jahangir Hossain

Associate Director

Dr. Md Jahangir Hossain

Research field of Interest: Drowning Prevention, Health System research

Biography: (Career Path)

After completing the Master of Public Health (MPH) in 2006, I started my career with BRAC Public Health program. In 2007, I joined the Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh (CIPRB) as Project Coordinator, where I started working with injury prevention at the community level. In 2010, I was promoted as Program Manager and started working for drowning prevention at the National level. In 2017, I was assigned as Associate Director at International Drowning Research Centre, Bangladesh (IDRCB) of CIPRB. In 2018, I joined UNICEF Bangladesh and worked for 11 months and after that, I re-joined CIPRB in a similar position. Currently I have been working as team member of Health System Research Division of CIPRB. During the last 14 years, I have been working for Injury prevention especially drowning prevention, Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Bangladesh. Few mentionable programs where I contributed, were Prevention of Child Injuries through Social Education and Intervention (PRECISE), SwimSafe (survival swimming teaching programs), Community Based First Responder development, Community Crèche, SeaSafe, and Comprehensive Drowning Prevention Project (BHASA), Filariasis Elimination program and Hospital Assessment for Infectious diseases.  

In my professional life, I published 15 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and I developed manuals on First response for drowning prevention, Child protection policy, Gender policy, Data management for CIPRB.


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Publication List:

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

1.         Hossain MJ, Hossain MS, Bhuiyan AA, Rahman AF, Mashrelky SR, Rahman A. Medical care-seeking behaviours among drowning casualties: Results from a national survey conducted in Bangladesh. J Taibah Univ Med Sci. 2020;15(5):374–9.

2.         Hossain MJ, Hossain MS, Mayaboti CA, Rahman AF, Chowdhury SM, Mashreky SR, et al. Impact of community-based first responder development for the management of drowning casualties in rural areas of Bangladesh. African J Emerg Med. 2020;10(4):219–23.

3.         Rahman A, Jagnoor J, Baset KU, Ryan D, Ahmed T, Rogers K, et al. Vulnerability to fatal drowning among the population in Southern Bangladesh: Findings from a cross-sectional household survey. BMJ Open. 2019;9(9).

4.         Rahman FN, Khan HTA, Jahangir Hossain M, Iwuagwu AO. Health and wellbeing of indigenous older adults living in the tea gardens of Bangladesh. PLoS One. 2021;16(3 March):1–19.

5.        Hossain M, Abdullah A, Halim A, Rahman A, Hossain M, Biswas A. Utilization of Equipment for Emergency Obstetric Care in the Sub Districts Level Facilities in Bangladesh. J Adv Med Med Res. 2018;26(9):1–11.

6.         Hossain M, Uddin A, Rahman A, Biswas A, Rahman F, Mashreky S. Injury in Construction Site of Bangladesh - Findings from a Nationwide Cross Sectional Survey. Asian J Med Heal. 2017;2(3):1–7.

7.         Hossain MJ, Biswas A, Mashreky SR, Rahman F, Rahman A. Epidemiology of adulthood drowning deaths in Bangladesh: Findings from a nationwide health and injury survey. F1000Research. 2017;6(0):1–7.

8.         Biswas A, Hossain J, Abdullah A, Dalal K, Mashreky S, Hawlader D. Rescue and Emergency Management of a Water-Related Disaster: A Bangladeshi Experience. Asian J Med Heal. 2017;4(1):1–9.

9.         Biswas A, Rahman F, Maitz P, Baset KU, Hossain J, Mashreky SR. An evaluation of Emergency Management of Severe Burn (EMSB) course in Bangladesh: a strategic direction. Burn Trauma. 2017;5:1–7.

10.       Biswas A, Dalal K, Hossain J, Ul Baset K, Rahman F, Rahman Mashreky S. Lightning Injury is a disaster in Bangladesh? - Exploring its magnitude and public health needs. F1000Research. 2016;5(0):1–8.

11.       Hossain J, Biswas A, Rahman F, Mashreky SR, Dalal K, Rahman A. Snakebite Epidemiology in Bangladesh—A National Community Based Health and Injury Survey. Health (Irvine Calif). 2016;08(05):479–86.

12.       Hossain M, Rahman A, Dalal K, Mashreky S, Baset K, Biswas A. Effects of Emergency Injury Care (EIC) Training for the Community Volunteers in the Rural Community of Bangladesh. Int J Trop Dis Heal. 2016;19(1):1–7.

13.       Rahman A, Linnan M, Mashreky SR, Hossain MJ, Rahman F. The prevalence of naturally acquired swimming ability among children in Bangladesh: A cross sectional survey. BMC Public Health. 2014;14(1).

14.       Mashreky SR, Hossain MJ, Rahman A, Biswas A, Khan TF, Rahman F. Epidemiology of electrical injury: Findings from a community based national survey in Bangladesh. Injury. 2012;43(1):113–6.

15.       Mashreky SR, Rahman F, Rahman A, Baset KU, Biswas A, Hossain J. Burn injury in Bangladesh: electrical injury a major contributor. Int J Burns Trauma. 2011;1(1):62–7.

Report Authors/Editors:

  • SwimSafe report
  • Facility Assessment for Infectious diseases
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