Case Story : Sumi Teagarden
26 Oct 2023

Overcoming Adversity: Sumi Rani Sheel's Journey to Recovery and Happiness


In Vrindavan tea garden, within Bahubal Upazila in Habiganj District, Sumi Rani Sheel (28 years), a resilient tea worker, lived with her husband Sanju Sheel. Sumi's story began when she married Sanju at the tender age of 17. Within a year of marriage, they welcomed their first child into the world. However, the challenges escalated when Sumi became pregnant for the second time, just two years after the birth of their first child. Having successfully given birth at home the first time, they decided to attempt the same for the second child. This decision, driven by economic constraints, was a turning point in their lives.


Tragedy discovered when Sumi experienced prolonged labor pains and rushed to Bahubal UHC, but due to complication Sumi was referred to Habiganj District Sadar Hospital. Tragically, their second child was stillborn, shattering their hopes and dreams. The ordeal didn't end there. After spending two days in the hospital, Sumi noticed a distressing change – she was continuously leaking urine. Alarmed and desperate, she sought medical help again and was informed that she had developed a fistula, a severe condition that required surgical intervention.  

For the next five years, Sumi endured this physical and emotional pain. But hope came knocking in November 2020 when she crossed paths with CIPRB. Sumi's journey towards healing continued as she was referred to MAMMS in April 2021. After a month of dedicated treatment, Sumi returned home with newfound optimism.

“We get a happy life again with the support of this project. The scars of the past have been replaced by the smiles of the present, and for this, I am eternally grateful."- Sumi mentioned.

In March 2023, through the efforts of Bimal Chandra Das, Assistant Manager of Vrindavan Tea Gardens, Sumi received a goat from CIPRB. This thoughtful gesture aimed to provide financial stability to her family. The addition of this small but significant asset brought joy and relief to their lives, proving that sometimes, a simple act of kindness can lead to remarkable transformations.

Today, Sumi's family stands stronger than ever before. With the combined efforts of CIPRB, UNFPA, and the determined spirit of Sumi and her husband, they've overcome adversity and are now basking in the warmth of a happy life.


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